Our Story

Sherpa MTB was founded with the idea of facilitating the highest level of customization out there. Our search for customization and quality lead us into relationships with so many amazing brands that are widely loved by everyone in the MTB community. Through all of this we started thinking about how someone will be able to customize their bike. There are a few places online that you can do just that. However, the process gets very complicated and is not visually satisfying. That is when the idea of a photorealistic 3D dream builder came up. Our platform offers unbelievable customization with life-like graphics. 

You may have noticed that we offer one frame at the moment. The Everest is an incredibly versatile frame that allows you to mix and match components for several different ride styles. However, it is our vision to release 6 new frames for the 2021 season. The frames will cover cross country, XC race, all-mountain, enduro, downhill, and dirt jumping. No matter what you ride, you can have the highest quality, most custom bike around