The Program

The Sherpa Ambassador program gives riders the opportunity to get as much out of our partnership as they want. We work on a referral rewards system, which means that every time you refer someone to a bike sale or merchandise (once we offer it) you will receive points for the amount they spent. The way we track those points is through a discount code unique to every ambassador. 
Of course you need to be riding one of our bikes in order to get anyone to be interested in them. One of the unique things about our program is that we give riders a 20% discount instead of forcing them to pay full price for a bike to participate. As we grow our ambassador network more and more resources will come available to you guys. We are working on some fun competitions amongst you all that have some awesome rewards. Overall, we are super stoked to be growing this program with a bunch of great riders around us.
If you have gotten this far I am sure you are wondering what the expectations are. In truth, we really do not ask much of you guys. The main goal is ride your Sherpa and have a blast. Each of you are encouraged to engage with your community, go out to the trails and meet new people! Worst thing that can happen is you find some new riding buddies. We do not even have content expectations for social media! However, we would appreciate being active in the comments section on our posts and sharing our posts when you can. 

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