3D Dream Build

build the bike you deserve.


Choose from over 600 color combinations for your frame and 25 rim decal colors. Even customize the color of your components!


Choose the exact parts you want on your custom build and see them in real time 3D photorealism.


Once you finish your custom build sit back and relax while we get straight to work. Dream Builds are typically delivered in 12-16 weeks!

Why Custom?

Every single rider is different and therefore every bike should be different. Custom bikes are not a new concept, but they are most definitely not common or easy to build. Sherpa is here to change that. Our photorealistic 3D dream builder will render your bike with 4k graphics in real time. This allows you to see every part and color that you are changing from any angle! 

Quality Components

Our 3D Dream Builder only features the best components from all across the industry. There are plenty of amazing companies that we do not offer yet and it is our goal to offer them all. No matter what your dream build is, it is our goal to make sure that we can build it! So far we have the pleasure to be working with the following companies:


Sherpa’s 3D Dream Builder is not just any custom bike builder. With the help of 3D Source, PureWeb, and Fortnite’s Unreal Engine we have been able to create the most technologically advanced 3D software on the internet. Epic Games and Unreal Engine can both confirm this is the first industry applied version of the software. The builder features millions of different combinations all rendered in photorealistic 4k 3D models. We have found out how to bring the bike shop straight to you. To learn more about our software please contact us. 

Build the Bike You Deserve.